Family Wellbeing and Supporting Children with Special Needs

May 6, 2022by RKS Editor0

Children’s mental health is crucial to family wellbeing. When family disputes happen, not only the adults in the family experience distress, but the negativity will also have adverse impact on children’s mental health and behaviour. The recurring stringent social distancing measures during COVID have added new pressure to already feuding parents causing more family disputes. For families having children with special needs, such measures are putting them in difficult situations like no other. The increasing family disputes and worsening psychological impact on family members are not to be ignored.

Family law veteran Rita Ku and her team at Rita Ku & Solicitors cordially invites you to join them and Clinical Psychologists Dr. Alison Cook and Dr. Kristie Craigen at Cook & Craigen Assessments in the first Rita Ku & Solicitors Webinar. During the seminar, our speakers will share legal and psychological advice for parents and carers with special needs children, to contribute to better family wellbeing through resolving issues with new methods and to help ease the burden of parents, caregivers when taking care of children with special needs.

Our speakers will share their insights on the following areas:

  • Challenges to family life during COVID
  • Children with special needs: a neglected group
  • Support for children with special needs

Details of the Webinar as below:

Date:               6 May 2022 (Friday)

Time:               11:30 – 12:30, Hong Kong time

Language:       English


  • Rita Ku – Principal / Founder, Rita Ku & Solicitors
  • Dennis Ho – Consultant, Rita Ku & Solicitors
  • Dr. Kristie Craigen – Clinical Psychologist, Cook & Craigen Assessments
  • Dr. Alison Cook – Clinical Psychologist, Cook & Craigen Assessments

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