HOW WE BEST SERVE YOURenowned for quality

We do more than just listen to you. We hear and understand you. We care about the complex yet delicate life challenges you are facing. We deliver solutions.

Be it settlement or litigation, contentious or non-contentious matters, you will be in experienced and caring hands to guide you through the process.

We have assembled a nimble team of talented, experienced, and passionate lawyers with diverse backgrounds to nurture with us and grow with you, to anticipate and address your needs, as well as safeguard and defend your reputation, best interests and wellbeing through different stages of family life.

We offer practical solutions of the highest quality in a cost and time-effective manner.

RKS is committed to delivering outstanding service with a budget that is transparently discussed with you in advance, we want you to determine your level of financial commitment to what might be enfolding before you.

We promote alternative dispute resolution. RKS is the industry pioneer in exploring innovative ways to resolve disputes, such as leading and participating in the Private Financial Adjudication, Mediator Facilitated Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing, alongside traditional approaches.

We can represent you in court whenever that might be necessary. And we will do so fearlessly and intelligently, continuing to deliver law changing judgements in Hong Kong.

Our professionals come from different backgrounds and experiences, with a deep understanding of the importance in navigating family dynamics and financial dealings. We can deliver the most beneficial outcome and serve your personal and family needs.
“it’s taken a long time, but I feel I have my old self back, with a bit of added insight and wisdom. I will always be grateful to you personally and to the team for your excellence, clarity and utmost skill at a time where I really needed to lean into that. Again, thank you.”
– A psychotherapist
“I thank Sharon Ser for her insight, wisdom and grounded support, and to her team also for their professionalism. It has been a complex journey and it has been a great resource to have their clarity and expertise behind me.”
– Medical business owner
“Sharon is the most sought-after matrimonial lawyer in Hong Kong! She has extraordinary depth of experience, and will advocate her clients’ position second to none. If it’s a really substantial big money case, it’s difficult to not at lest consider her.”
– Family lawyer
“Sharon Ser is one of the leading family law practitioners in the Hong Kong market. She offers notable experience in high-stakes cross-border divorce and trust arrangement cases.”
– Chambers and Partners 2017
“The way you use language is extraordinary. It is not easy to make legal speak and demands sounds human, but often it is the key to having the outcome we want. There are many ways to say the same thing and you are a master at it.”
“I like her style because she is very direct and firm with her suggestions and decisions. She has many ideas on how to tackle the situation, and talking to her does make me feel confident with their team.”
“Phenomenal solicitor and advocate. She’s exceptionally good with clients, a brilliant communicator, and has a commanding breadth of experience that allows her to efficiently guide her clients, no matter how challenging the case.”
– Chambers and Partners
Rita Ku - RKS Rita Ku & Solicitors, best family lawyer - Award winning -probate, MIP, wills, litigation, private client, family, children, custody, Hague convention, surrogacy, jurisdiction,
“Thank you for being with me during this horrible circumstance . . . I would not have been able to achieve all we did without your tremendous work, help, support.”
“Her level of care and professionalism went way beyond my expectations. A few people made all the difference and she was one of them.”
Head of Wealth Planning Global
“We are pleased with the result which I am sure is going to work as an excellent framework for the management of our finance and assets.”
— Entrepreneur
“I have no doubt  as to Rita’s abilities and I hold her in ultimate regard. She performs to the highest professional standards and her commitment to this area of practice is plain and clear.”
— Leading Family & Divorce law barrister

“I am very pleased with the way how Rita and her team handled my case. The professionalism and positivity the team have brought in to close the case in such an efficient way definitely served me very well.”
— Head of a Private Bank
“I want to say thank you … because I am very pleased with how the [mediation] has been running, and the way in which both the legal strategy and dynamics are playing directly into the mediation process. That was always my primary priority.”
— Senior International Lawyer

“Its difficult to find lawyers for high-end clients as you need to be able to deal with multijurisdictional cases, and she really deserves a reputation for that. She is one of the most feared family lawyers in Hong Kong for very good reasons.”
— Chambers and Partners
“My divorce was a very stressful one, simply because the ex-husband was there for “the kill”, my emotions were like a roller coaster and I was very grateful that I was cared under Rita’s team. Rita is a very clear-minded, direct person and somebody who won’t take any “BS”; but yet she also has her soft and empathetic side. She will let you know very clearly – to do or not to do and if you choose to do what are the pros and cons. That was really what I needed.”
— Nutritionist
“Rita Ku is very knowledgeable and learned in her subject. She brings a calmness to these family-oriented cases which is absolutely essential. She stands out in the field because of her approach and demeanour. She cools things down, not heats them up.”
— Chambers and Partners
“Thank you Sindy for your excellent services! You have been nothing but professional and supporting, which were exactly what I needed to go through such emotional and distressing time of my life. You gave me sound and pragmatic advice, and you were never shy to let me know when I was being unreasonable or unrealistic. I am grateful to have you as my lawyer as you are passionate about your work and truly care about your clients. I value the relationship with you!”
– Entrepreneur
“Never thought I would make friends with my family lawyer! You are honest, professional and reliable, and you handled my divorce with a personal touch, which gave me the assurance that I was in good hands. I have and will continue to recommend you to all who might need similar assistance.”
– Entrepreneur
“Sindy has accomplished terrific results and it has been a great joy working with her. She is always attentive to details and produces high quality work. She is a people person, and has built strong relationships with clients, external parties and colleagues. She is a real delight, and she brings positivity and enthusiasm to people around her. It is sad for me to see her go, yet I am excited for her next adventure and no doubt she will achieve great things!”
– Banker
“Sindy has been a very valuable member of the team, who helped my family in developing a bespoke succession plan with governance solution to suit our needs and circumstances. Thank you for your contributions in the past years and I wish you the very best in your future endeavours!”
– Entrepreneur
Elaine Chung - RKS Rita Ku & Solicitors, best family lawyer -probate, MIP, wills, litigation, private client, family, children, custody, Hague convention, surrogacy, jurisdiction,
“I worked closely with Ms Elaine Chung, she is very very good with her “eye for detail”, she has a good memory and would do a lot of background work for you without you asking her to. Whenever I receive her emails, it actually calms me.”
Natalie Leong - RKS Rita Ku & Solicitors, best family lawyer -probate, MIP, wills, litigation, private client, family, children, custody, Hague convention, surrogacy, jurisdiction,
“I figured I had a winning streak when I saw her draft letters.  Nice and crisp.  That was a change of tack.”
IT expert
“I wanted to thank you personally for all your hard work and efforts.  I know you have been working very long hours, late nights and over weekends and have delivered impeccable work.  I am grateful.  I have met many young professionals in my career and you are a very impressive one who truly cares about her work.  Thanks again.”
Partner of an international investing banking firm
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your highly valuable work and contribution over the past three years.  You have impressed me with your intelligence, dedication and professionalism throughout.  I was very lucky to have you on my team.  You will be missed… I am sure you will continue to shine… I will never forget how much you have done for me in such challenging times…”
Sarina Cheung - RKS Rita Ku & Solicitors, best family lawyer -probate, MIP, wills, litigation, private client, family, children, custody, Hague convention, surrogacy, jurisdiction,
“I am feeling so secure having you to handle all these critically important documents for my lifetime.  The sense of security that you have given us, have made it easier for us to go through the process, it is certainly not easy for us to face our anxiety of death or MIP.”
“I am so glad to have found you.  My personal feeling, I think you have made a very good choice on your career on the area to focus, not only the professional legal knowledge, but the way of who you are”
Leo Leung - RKS Rita Ku & Solicitors, best family lawyer -probate, MIP, wills, litigation, private client, family, children, custody, Hague convention, surrogacy, jurisdiction,
“Leo is a diligent, dedicated and hardworking professional who brings keen forensic skills and impressive mastery of the facts and has considerable experience in assisting with complicated international matters, particularly in relation to trust and family office disputes. He has acute awareness of the human dynamics and the commercial realities and is very collaborative and great to work with.”
– International law firm partner
specialized in trust and estates disputes
“I have worked with Leo on a number of high value, complexed litigations and on each occasion have been impressed by Leo’s dedication and efficiency. He tackles crucial forensic accounting issues in a way that is readily understandable by lawyers and clients alike. He brings significant experience of high stakes litigation and is unphased by complexity or tight deadlines.”
– International law firm senior partner
specialized in fraud and
boardroom disputes
“I have known and worked with Leo for many years on a variety of corporate matters. He is very well versed in corporate governance matters and shareholders disputes. His sensitivity to stakeholders’ concerns and his diplomatic approach in dealing with the resultant dynamic enables him to identify and address relevant issues both precisely and pragmatically.  Articulate and enthusiastic, his structured presentation of complex materials, facts and figures always makes things speak for themselves. A very hard worker, Leo always goes the extra mile for his clients.”
– Barrister practising in Hong Kong
in commercial and company law
“Nowadays to effectively preserve your family wealth and legacy, you will need guidance from someone with insights on family governance and expertise in different kinds of assets. The watchful eye from a skillful professional is crucial in guiding you thru volatility and evolving thematic changes with family harmony always in mind. Leo has proven to be the most-trusted guide with pragmatic solutions to clients and their families.”
– Private banker in New York serving
ultra-high net worth clients for 40+ years