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June 3, 2024by RKS Editor0

Rita Ku recently shared her personal journey with the Hong Kong Economic Journal, from becoming a family lawyer to establishing Rita Ku & Ser. Like many Hongkongers, Rita’s career path has not been smooth-sailing, but she has always remained true to her mission as a family lawyer, supporting her clients during their ups and downs and helping them move on with their lives. She frequently reminds young family lawyers about the essentials of their role: using common sense, empathy, and expertise to help clients to the full.

Her dedicated efforts have also helped the city’s legal system move forward; for example, one of Rita’s landmark cases set an important precedent that is now relied on by the legal industry.

Rita works hard and plays hard, regularly organizing and joining in fun team-building activities. Ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival next week, Rita and her team are practising energetically for the competitive dragon boat race!

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